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The Negative Effects of Spicy Food

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Spicy food indeed are preferred mainly by women. Spicy flavor contains several sources of vitamin A, vitamin B complex, vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin K. So that spicy foods can also keep the mood remains good, heart healthy, improving the digestive system and reduces stress.

However spicy foods when consumed with spicy levels high enough and too much in the time period long enough. Will still have a negative effect on health. No need to wait quite a long time, everyone after consuming a spicy meal will certainly feel like burning mouth and stomach ache.

If you have problems with digestion should reduce the spicy foods to maintain the health of your digestive system. After consuming a spicy meal at the recommended to drink a glass of water, because the spicy taste of chilli due to be dissolved in water. And eat sweet foods to prevent your tongue is not sensitive to the taste of the food.

Some of the negative effects of spicy foods:

1. Insomnia
Consuming too much spicy food can cause insomnia or trouble sleeping in the night. This is because the consumption of spicy food before bedtime to make the body temperature rises so that the body was difficult to sleep a while. Body temperature needs to be scaled in advance to be able to sleep soundly.

2. Gastric Pain
Not infrequently if people who like spicy food have a history with stomach pain. This occurs because the stomach acid will rise when you eat spicy food in large quantities. In a period long enough spicy foods can also cause stomach acid up so that irritate the stomach wall.

In addition to eating spicy stomach acid but can also lead to acute gastritis. Spicy foods are the main factors that can cause acute ulcer disease or gastritis. The initial symptoms such as abdominal bloating, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

3. The Agency thin.
If you have a skinny body when it was eating a lot of these things are possible if you like spicy food. Spicy flavor to make the weight continued to decline due to lower appetite and more inclined to like drinking water. If you want a body fat so avoid spicy food.

4. Headache
The negative effects of spicy foods hereinafter that can cause headaches. This can happen if your ulcer patients, for that if you suffer from gastrointestinal disease should avoid spicy food. Eating spicy food on an empty stomach makes you hit the dizzy impact of gastritis.

5. Causing canker sores
The negative effects of subsequent spicy foods that can cause canker sores. Thrush may occur due to heat in the body temperature increases or sudden, but increased body temperature due to dietary factors.

It should say that chili can cure heartburn, it's just a myth. Because it consumes excessive spicy food will make the body becomes susceptible to thrush. Reduce spicy foods if attacked by canker sores for faster healing.

That's the negative effects of spicy foods you should know. Everything that is excessive is definitely not good for health especially spicy food. If you like spicy foods should subtract from now before you feel the negative effects of spicy foods that can cause disease.

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