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Stand up Comedy is Booming

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Now this is the art of comedy hits-hits again discussed by many people, especially young people. Many types of art comedy is again booming at this time one of them stand up comedy. Many television shows are currently seeking new joker-joker.

Stand Up Comedy began to flourish in Indonesia since the end of 2010 until today. Many young people now who prefer air-stand-up comedy as a job because it is promising as a job to earn money for survival.

Stand-up comedy is a genre in comedy. Stand-up comedy is usually composed of one person who was on the stage to perform a funny monologue about opinions, observations, or personal experience. Photographing the social life of the community, express concerns, raised a reality, and to show back to the community with an activity of witty comedy.


Comic is one person doing stand up comedy. While Comica are a few people or a combination of several people who do stand up comedy. Indonesia also has comica like Cemen, Babe Cabita, Dodit Mulyanto, Raditya Dika, Uus, Arief Didu, Rivet Yudha, Musdalifah and others.

Open Mic is a rehearsal for the comic to try comedy material that will they bring when they show.

Telling a joke is a joke, throwing riddles, anecdotes, jokes that he collected from various sources, such as from books, internet, broadcast message, and others.

Bit is stand-up unit of matter consisting of a punchline and set-up. For example Rudi has a bit about dragons, bit of a strange bird names, and others.

Set the display of the unit is a stand-up comedy that consists of a number of bits.
For example, all the bits that you have combined into one with a series of fitting and regularly so that you have set lasted about 20 minutes.

Set-up is part of a bit funny, usually used premise or introduction of these bits to the funny part. An example of a set-up like telling a situation that will in these circumstances there will be a scene or story that is funny

Unchline that is part of a bit funny. Usually reversing the premise or provide something of a surprise as the cover of the set-up or premise earlier. Due to the effect that surprised him then called PUNCH-line. The sentence must be "nonjok" so that the comedy is really funny. Usually punch line is given with something that is not possible audience think.


For example cultivation ride a motorcycle wearing a helmet, because the rush him ride the bike firmly. But suddenly there was a grandmother to cross the road and the mind brake suddenly. Helmets that used the mind turns around and covering the face of gratitude for a helmet too big favor and do not favor the helmet lock. So the helmet easily turned blindfold wkwkwk favor ...

Kill is called when you successfully make the audience laugh throughout the set that you bring.

Delivery is from comic storytelling to the audience so that the audience will carry over into the story in bring. This should be trained continuously for delivery that does not make you more articulate comedy that would not be funny even though the set that you bring the funny.

Bomb is a reference when you fail to make the audience laugh or sets that you bring crisp.

That's about the Stand up Comedy booming today. If you want to become a comic, then you also have to learn about stand up comedy properly.


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